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Only ’cause I like writing


Only ’cause I like writing

8 August, 2017

Only ’cause I like writing

August 8, 2017

I hate 99% of business blogs. They are boring, lack creative thought and are written like they’re a chore.

So, why am I jumping back on the blogging band-wagon?

Is it to attract a new audience and interact with my existing clients to drive my business profile. Nope, because that is a dumb-ass idea peddled by a lot of marketers who should know better.

Answer me this: When was the last time you sat down and really read a blog or a whitepaper? Personally, I probably (skim) read one good article a month – usually from a digital marketing agency I admire (and there aren’t many).

In truth, I’m starting my Blog again because I like writing – it’s a simple as that.

I’m doing it because I have lots of thoughts – usually sarcastic – about marketing in general and how the blind are leading the blind into wasting their money.

I’m doing it because I want to take the piss.

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