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Noise is Not Marketing


Noise is Not Marketing

16 September, 2017

Get on Twitter and tweet.




Then go on LinkedIn – like, comment and share posts.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… Rinse and repeat.

Got to keep the marketing machine going right!

There aren’t any rules with social media, except that first word – SOCIAL.

There is nothing social about sending out lots of tweets in a burst. Or…

  • Retweeting your own tweet
  • Formulating your social media to send XX messages per day
  • Slamming loads of hash-tags on your messages
  • Talking at people
  • Advertising to people
  • Showing off

But… Ask a social media marketing ‘expert’ and they will spin another story. They may even show you how many followers they have and try to tell you that ‘anyone who’s anyone’ is on social media making millions of pounds.

It’s rubbish.

You know it; I  know it; and so does everyone else (even the people making a living from it who’ve been sucked in like a Pyramid scheme convert).

If you (or your business) can be social; crack on. Write original content, develop your brand and get stuck in when it feels natural. Just don’t think that you have to. The world will not stop spinning and your business will carry on.

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