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Marketing Or Sales?


Marketing Or Sales?

16 November, 2019

Marketing Or Sales?

November 16, 2019

Marketing deservedly gets a bad wrap in some quarters.

Like any service industry, there are some practitioners who can creatively hone in on what’s right for the client; and then, there are people running around chasing the latest fad because they read an article about how Apple or Uber did something cool.

The result: A lot of SME’s paying for marketing that doesn’t really do the business.

To be fair, the ever-changing technology landscape doesn’t help, or the need for some marketers to wrap their sentences up in metaphorical fairy dust to make things sound cleverer than they are.

But, then, there is the client-side expectation on marketing that doesn’t carry.

Marketing Is Not Sales

Yes, it’s hard to find good salespeople these days. Yes, the younger generation in business (I’m a 50-year-old fart) don’t seem to like actually talking face-to-face anymore, but, without the environment of people talking to people, a sale for a more complex product won’t happen.

From my old NLP days (feel free to yawn), I learned that, during an interaction, the actual words make up less than 10% of the communication. When you strip out body language (approx 55%) and the way things are conveyed (tone, pace, accentuation, etc.) you’re left with very little.

In theory, I could get this point across to nearly ten times better by being in the same room as you.

So, perhaps companies need to look a bit closer to home developing sales teams and using marketing to facilitate opportunities for them, rather than ad-hoc, reactive fits of gusto that they then expect to pretty much deliver orders.

In turn, sales people need to use marketing to develop campaigns and messaging that they can carry across into conversations with customers – new and existing. It takes time, but helps build a sustainable platform.

This is nothing new, and it’s not overly complicated. In fact, it’s a very simple premise.

If you work in Basingstoke (I’m too lazy to travel), I am more than happy to meet up over a coffee and chat this through, to see if you have opportunities you may be missing. 

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