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Back To The Future


Back To The Future

24 April, 2020

In the early days of my career, I worked at an Apple Centre, running out ‘DTP’ files to film and bromide, which were used to make plates for printing. It’s where I cut my teeth on all things Apple, print and technology, including becoming a whizz at drawing logos in Adobe Illustrator ’88.

At the same time, I used to go and watch my local Football Team – Basingstoke Town – even following them around the South of England, to far-flung places such as Hendon, Enfield, Marlow and Maidenhead; which for a 19-year-old who’d just learned to drive was like being Alan Whicker in my own little way.

And here we are, 30 years later (shit, 30 years!) and both the football club and I have been through a lot and (definitely) feeling the effects of an extra 30 years of life. Somehow though, I still managed to keep hold of my old programmes.

basingstoke town programmes

Earlier this year, a business connection, Kevin White, who is also now the Vice-Chairman of the newly-formed Basingstoke Town Community Football Club, approached me about websites and marketing support. Although my time was quite limited (especially at the time), I agreed to create a new website for the club so that they could push forward.

I had a problem though, brought on by my early days of print and creating computer artwork files from the late ’80s.

The club badge I kept seeing online was ragged, having suffered the effects of being copied and drawn multiple times over the years and losing definition. It was time to see if this boy still had what it takes!

Yep, I stepped back in time 30 years to redraw the logo in the latest version of Illustrator, after all, I do love a nice, clean Bezier curve.

Needless to say, Adobe Illustrator is somewhat more complicated than it used to be, but it sure felt good when it was done. A lovely layered, vectored EPS file!

bezier curve artwork basingstoke

Oh, anyway, I also built a new website – simpler design, easier to update, much faster and somewhat prettier.

Basingstoke Town FC Website Designers

The new football club is run by volunteers, picking up the pieces of being left with next-to-nothing as an entity following previous ownership. They’re working hard, under challenging circumstances and public scrutiny (which very often is blunt and misinformed) to deliver a decent quality football team to this town.

A town I call home;
a town that’s grown to house around 180,000 people;
a town that deserves better.

Personally, I’d love to see Kevin, and all the people involved, restore the club to the team I watched 30 years ago. I know from my own experience what the club can do to the town as a whole; the sense of community that can be generated on (and off) the pitch with FA Cup runs and promotion charges.

So, if you can help, please do (contact details). Although there will be many worthy organisations clambering for support this year, let’s not forget non-league teams that give enjoyment to a wide range of people in the community.

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