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Being Considerate


Being Considerate

25 March, 2020

With COVID-19, the world is in an extraordinary place right now. Some organisations are bursting at the seams with demand, some are just wondering if they’ll have a business/job to come back to in a month or so. Mother Nature is doing an excellent job of putting us in our place this year.

With one foot in the high-street, last week was horrendous for me personally and ended in a terrible fashion with us having to close the doors on the business. Meanwhile, I was having regular conversations with some of my marketing clients in hospitality who were also feeling the strain big-time.

Roll on a week and the same issues that high-street and hospitality businesses were facing moved onto other companies having to close. Another round of shit-yourself-city ensued by thousands and thousands of people.

These issues will trickle down bit-by-bit, as everyone bunkers down to protect themselves and supply-chains start losing some of their supply.

Yes, You Know This.

If you’re on social media right now, the messaging you put out as a professional, or as a business, is going to be really important over the next few weeks. While some companies are seemingly protected from what is happening right now, others are in a genuine panic.

When marketing and brands are all about creating empathy, now, more than ever, we need to take a step back. If nothing else, be considerate; give people time to come to terms with things.

If I’m a person wondering how I will pay my rent next month, I do not need someone to tell me things will be alright right now, I don’t care how they’re getting used to working from home on full pay and I certainly don’t need to be sold to. I’d like to panic thank you very much, have a few sleepless nights and develop a routine of drinking wine by 4 pm as if I’m on holiday. Anything that does not fit with that agenda may just well wind me the fuck up.

Right now, humanity is in an unprecedented place. There are a lot of if’s and but’s right now and we all need time.

So, please be considerate.

Do something useful but don’t feel the need to tell the world.

Let people hurt. Let people come to terms. Let people adapt. Be there for them.

Hopefully, when this thing starts to dissipate, we can hopefully pick up the pieces and go again.

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