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Smoothing The Path To Conversions


Smoothing The Path To Conversions

24 June, 2020

Smoothing The Path To Conversions

June 24, 2020
smooth cro optimisation basingstoke

Following my piece about Server Speed improving SEO, I’ve just delivered a new website build for a home improvement company in Southampton, designed specifically to improve conversions.

More Important Than SEO

Appearing in Google is important. But, what about when you get the traffic to your site, are you doing anything with it?

If you’re getting no conversions, it’s all for shit right? A waste of your time, and a waste of your money if you’re paying for SEO.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The current darling of digital marketing speak. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO for short of course) is a process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action on your site. That could be signing up to a newsletter, buying a product or, as in the example below, filling out an enquiry form.

It’s something that’s always been there, but now has a sexy marketing name. And, if we’re honest, conversions are where the value of your website investment really comes into its own – feeding your sales team – and something that should be very much near the top of your priorities.

Case Study

The website data below shows a website I’ve just redesigned and deployed for a customer in the home improvement sector. Last updated six years ago, the new website launched on 11th June 2020 (still early days yet) and I’ve just taken a call from the client telling me how happy he his with the additional enquiries he’s suddenly getting.

The new web design was explicitly configured to enhance the possibility of people making an enquiry: Simple things like adding more straightforward access to the form itself and improving responsive layouts for multiple devices.

conversion rate optimisation graph

Points Of Note

  • The top graph shows when people have made enquiries via the form on the website and covers 2020. The speech bubble marker (June 2020) shows the implementation of the new site and indicates a sharp incline in enquiries.
    • The number of actual enquiries for June 2020 is already more than three times that of 2019 (June 24th).
  • The bottom graph shows the conversion rate. IE. The percentage number of visitors who made an enquiry.
    • Without trying to get too excited (we don’t have sufficient after implementation data) the conversion rate has made a bit of a leap. June 11-24th conversion rate is averaging at 5.48% vs. 2.31% the previous year.

Steady on… Whooaay Boy

It’s hard not to get a little excited when you see this kind of impact. But, the key now is to see trends over a longer period. The world is going through so many changes right now, it would be wrong to heap all the praise on one sort of action and make sweeping assumptions.

But, it’s a good base to keep pushing forward with opportunities; working out how to attract more of the right type of traffic and giving those visitors the right amount of information to start a conversation. 

After all, conversations are the stuff sales are made of.

So, if you fancy one… you know how to find me.

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