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Ignoring Your Most Powerful Audience


Ignoring Your Most Powerful Audience

16 August, 2021

Ignoring Your Most Powerful Audience

August 16, 2021

Let’s consider, rightly, that marketing is more than just logos and ads. Let’s also assume that you have evolved your business to understand who your customers are and the people you want to speak with.

Now, most businesses will tell you that they are great, have the edge over their competitors, and have great case studies. We all do it.

Some then go on to complain about how clients never get to hear this unique story.

Meanwhile, a lot closer to home, they don’t engage with their staff. They don’t engage with the WHY of their organisation, so the stories remain unheard.

The admin team resents how the sales team are always on jollies. The sales team moan that the admin team don’t care enough. Meanwhile, the stories we want to get heard are overshadowed and undermined, and the fingers start pointing.

Marketing isn’t about sleight of hand; it’s about truth, which is why the most significant audience any business has is its own team and the stories they get told.

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