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The Economy Of Attention


The Economy Of Attention

18 August, 2021

The Economy Of Attention

August 18, 2021

If you think people care about your marketing, think again.

In a world where so many of us feel we’re already too busy – when we’ve really just chosen to distract ourselves in different ways – reading marketing stuff isn’t high on our agenda.

Attention is a transaction. Someone has to give up their time (however they value it) to pay attention to what they feel is worth it.

This means, as marketers, getting attention in a world of attention seekers is more challenging than it’s ever been. We need to make something worthy of the attention transaction itself, even if we have to pay for it in different ways.

We could offer prizes and tempt people, but we risk paying for the wrong type of attention. We could advertise, but that’s still marketing.

To stand out, to buy that attention, we need to create incredibly succinct experiences.

Entertainment + value + story (complete with a happy ending).

And, while so many of us are trying to get the attention of shiny, new people – paying an acquisition premium in the process – we sometimes forget about retaining the asset value of the attention we already have – our customers.

So, perhaps it’s time to slow down and put effort into creating something worthwhile for your customers.

Forget everyone else.

If it’s good enough and shareable, it’ll find the attention of the right people.

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