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The True Cost Of A Hand Dryer


The True Cost Of A Hand Dryer

27 August, 2021

The True Cost Of A Hand Dryer

August 27, 2021

In the mid 19th Century, Hungarian physician, Ignaz Semmelweis, discovered that if doctors washed their hands before helping women give birth, mortality rates would reduce. He was ridiculed, with some of the medical profession utterly offended by his suggestion they were doing anything wrong by moving from dead bodies to babies with a quick wipe.

The fact that he managed to reduce deaths from 20% down to less than 2% still didn’t seem to convince a lot of the medical profession, and it wasn’t until after his untimely death that it became common practice.

The rapidity of the spread of COVID in 2020 probably reminded many of us how little we wash our hands every day to stop the spread of germs and bacteria, which brings me onto hand dryers.

In terms of hygiene, automatic hand dryers are the perfect solution for public toilets around the world. After all, you don’t even need to touch them. Today’s technology also makes many of them an easy option, rather than sharing towelling or using single-use paper towels.

Which begs the question, why do so many businesses have sub-standard hand dryers in their facilities that are not fit for purpose?

One day, in a cosy office somewhere, an administrator decided to buy hand dryers based on price. Good for the short-term costs of the business, but a decision that leaves customers just a tiny waft of warm air to work with. It’s not as if we make money from the toilets anyway, right?

Every brand relies on a good customer experience. If you cut corners to save money – installing solutions that are not fit for purpose – then what does that say about your business? Whether it’s a hand dryer, a soap dispenser, the receptionist who answers your phone, or the way your accounts team deliver invoices – if part of the experience breaks, the whole experience breaks.

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