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We’re Not In It Together


We’re Not In It Together

13 January, 2021

We’re Not In It Together

January 13, 2021

Let’s face it. We are never ALL in it together. Keeping everyone happy would be impossible. There’d always be an aggrieved someone shouting their lot.

While some struggle, others thrive. While some despair, others look to make a difference. Discussion without action is simply a hobby.

There is no right or wrong, no best or worse – just differences. And opinion is always easier when you look back.

Hindsight… Piece of p*ss. Anyone can do hindsight.

But, in the real world, you can only ever prioritise with the information you have at hand at the time of making a decision. 

That applies to global pandemics, family matters, business, and, yes, even sales and marketing.

Before the web, you ran ads and events and never knew [really] what worked. Everyone was blissfully unaware (and not as cynical). Then the Internet arrived, measurement and tracking took over, and the systems became much more sophisticated.

Some marketers still haven’t caught up. They’re still going after everyone because it’s easier.

But, everyone is too expensive.

Tech allows us to refine our audiences (to a degree, but probably not enough) to target the people we want to talk to. It’s still expensive. Google, Facebook and the gang keep putting up the prices, telling us it’s really our fault as bids keep rising. It’s genius when you think about it.

The good news… You don’t need everyone.


The sweet spot comes when you align your services exactly with customers. When you see what they want, need, and, most of all, value.

It takes humility.

It takes empathy.

It takes taking a step back.

Business is not as rational and process-driven as we’re led to believe. Businesses are run by people – ergo, they are irrational and emotional.

Buying decisions are made, at best, with the limited information that the customer has at hand, at any specific time.

It’s hard for customers.

They need to choose between the good, the bad and the ugly (when it comes to buying), with a blurring of truth and lies online and a complete lack of governance of what people can say as an opinion.

Maybe the buying decision they are actually making is simply the one that won’t get them sacked.

If we are truly empathetic, we should understand that their list of priorities are not aligned at all with ours. It’s our job to flex.

The proof is in the pudding


Assume that your customers are actually desperate to make the right choices when they need to; that they are keen to pick the best suppliers they can. Then, just join the dots with relevant arrows that point in your direction.

Here's to 2021!

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