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What Are You Chasing?


What Are You Chasing?

10 August, 2021

What Are You Chasing?

August 10, 2021

Content is king, they say, so you create a blog on your company website. But it’s hard. No one in the business offers you any insights to share, and it’s always a rush because you’re told ‘we must post regularly’.

No one reads your Blog, so you Tweet. But the same internal issues occur over 280 characters, so you just start retweeting stuff. It’s easier and gets people off your back.

Still, no one engages, so you concentrate on another platform. You start marketing your B2B on Instagram because your niece said it’s a great idea, and, “what do you know, you are over 40!”.

Then no one engages with your ‘pictures’, so you create an Instagram story to tell people you’ve posted. (LinkedIn Stories has also appeared, go figure!)

What are you actually chasing?

Profile raising is good – if you have something interesting to say.

Serendipity in marketing is a thing; get over the lack of control you once had. But really, are we all just in it for the likes?

To have an audience, you need relevance. To have relevance, you need personality.

Even movies need relevance because not everyone watches every blockbuster.

But the beauty of online is that people who actually want to make an independent movie can do it easily, and find an audience because the means of production and distribution are lower than they’ve ever been.

They also have an audience out there waiting that may be small, but will no doubt be more fanatical.

Does it mean all movies are popular? No.

Does it mean all movies find their audience? It’s not guaranteed.

But does it mean there is more variety for audiences to connect with? Absolutely.

The problem is, this availability of mass production creates more noise for audiences to cut through to get to what they want. So, not only is there a lot of luck involved (and/or a ton of marketing cash), not every good idea makes it.

And no filmmaker will keep getting investment with failure after failure; they need to make money.
And so do you.

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