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Ain’t Got Time To Read Your Tome, Craig


Ain’t Got Time To Read Your Tome, Craig

21 September, 2022

Do you ever marvel at your own genius?

Do you post something to social media or send an email campaign and then check to see the accolades of a job well-done pile up with an influx of views, likes and clicks?

Yep, me too. In fact, I often raise a hand while I do so as if I am on a red carpet waving to my adoring fans. Especially when it comes to my monthly email. It’s my baby. I only send it to a select group, so the open rate is always high, despite Apple trying to take away my measuring capabilities.

Email Open Rates

I just bloody love looking to see how my machinations have performed as soon as I press the send button.

But, it’s like a quick hit of something fun but illegal. The high disappears quicker than you can say “click-through-rate-percentage”.

It’s something we must do, of course, to measure our work and see if we have any impact whatsoever.

My emails, though, and the subsequent chase of feedback is something I’ve realised I need to re-imagine. You see, although I love writing and have developed a style over the years, I also forgot something rather important along the way.

You don’t write to write, you write to be read.

This hit home to me this month when a client referenced last month’s email and the opening ‘scene’. We carried on talking, and I suggested that we were discussing the point at the end of the email.

“Oh, I didn’t get that far. The phone rang and I forgot all about it.”

In a book about copywriting I recently read, the author mentioned having to create content for an advert to fit 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds and 6 seconds.

Yes, six seconds.

So, while long-form content is great fun to create, it also has its place. Monthly emails, ad text, social media posts? Well, let’s just cut to the chase and leave it there.

Lesson learned – short is the new long.

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