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10 March, 2022

As I tuned into social media this morning, I was bombarded by the entertainment factor of war. Alongside people’s ‘worthy’ commentary and opinion (probably posted from a lovely breakfast table in the home counties) ran an advert for some sort of battle-based computer game.

I then listened to Talk Sport on the radio on the way to work. Guests come on from betting firms, adverts promote gambling, all with the proviso that very quickly at the end of each ad they say, “remembertobegambleaware”. Knowing that gambling is a problem, they occasionally run discussions on it, but you can’t bite the hand that feeds you right?

We’re being sold to thousands of times a day by people who don’t care. And we’ve bought into it.

But, in a world where if you really do suffer from depression, anxiety or panic attacks, you have to work hard to get help against someone who may be a little sad, a little upset, or a little nervous; we are also ‘super-fixated’ on making things about us.

It’s as if the world isn’t taking enough notice of us – all 8 billion of us.

We’re more consumed with entertainment than real life, chasing a dream that doesn’t exist. It’s understandable, that’s the ideal we’ve been sold. But as consumers, and as people, we’ve lost a little perspective.

So, if you really think you are an individual, think again. We are all just desensitized consumers, categorised to buy with credit cards on the ready.

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