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Do You Want My Enquiry?


Do You Want My Enquiry?

20 June, 2022

Talk to any web agency or marketer about getting enquiries online, and they’ll talk about attracting the right people and converting them as quickly and easily as possible. As such, more often than not, a decent business website has that covered – they make it easy to get in touch.

But, what happens next can make or break converting that interested punter into a customer and here’s where things seem to fall down far too often.

I’m currently trying to book two venues for a client. Let’s just say I seem to be doing most of the work in terms of making contact. As I write, and I’ve been on it for about five days, I’ve had an unsecure website which my browsers threw its toys out of the pram over. I’ve had a call unreturned after leaving a message and two no replies from web forms and emails to the same venues.

Yes, I’ve had the (now obligatory) automated email response from the web forms along the lines of: “We value your business but will continue to use COVID as a good excuse to take our time”.

One this morning stated that “We have received your email and our dedicated Team will be working hard to respond back to you as soon as possible!” Not hard enough, it seems.

Imagine spending money on your website, Adwords, SEO, etc., only to ease off when the juicy stuff starts happening.

It reminds me of a short-lived client I had about ten years ago who kept telling me how the website I’d built him was delivering no phone calls, despite my analytics saying otherwise. I tried to call him twice that afternoon to discuss it. Both times no one answered.


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