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Funnel Focus


Funnel Focus

9 December, 2022

Let’s talk about Focus and Funnels. Nope, not a new mid-life crisis rock band I’ve formed; you’ll be pleased to know. It’s about an effective sales process I was reminded of during a recent consultancy client conversation.

At the beginning of the year, you may remember, I mentioned I wanted to grow my consultancy a bit. Well, I did. Through a combination of focus, luck and my all-around charm, I have delivered on doing much more work this year and for fewer clients.

Like so many of us, I spent too much time in the top half of the sales funnel, trying to be attractive to newcomers, when in fact, the clients I have are more than enough to grow organically. We all fall into that trap of trying to impress new people, compounded by the ‘fear of missing out’, comparing ourselves to competitors online. (Social media is great if you fancy getting lost in that spiral.) The problem is you end up focusing on the wrong people.

Seth Godin (yes, him again) encourages us to work with the smallest viable audience. Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? But it’s actually much more rewarding because value has to be a two-way relationship – profitable for both parties.

sales funnels

When you offer maximum value to a core group of clients, you get maximum value back – financial and goodwill (80/20 rule in full effect).

Personally, I’ve taken on three new decent clients this year – all referrals. Align that with your own (bigger) business, and you’ll get the numbers.

So, less time on strangers like you; and more time on nurturing and weeding.

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