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How Much Should Value Cost?


How Much Should Value Cost?

28 February, 2022

Most companies (B2B) want great sales leads placed upon their lap – the perfect customer, the next big client. So, they hone their proposition, identify their target market, create clarity with their message and focus their efforts.

Oh, hang on a minute, no, they don’t. They challenge the cost of marketing communications. They look for the cheapest way to generate leads. They still mass market in their own way because it’s easier and cheaper.

It says a lot about the perception of value.

Why go for the most cost-effective sales lead or cheapest marketing professional when your product is as good as you think it is, or if you want to attract your next “Top Ten” client?

This doesn’t begin and end with marketing obviously, I’m not that much of a big ‘ead, but if you really think you’re worth it, it pays for you to place value on the process of attracting people who might feel the same.

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