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Misdirection… Pick A Card…


Misdirection… Pick A Card…

3 August, 2022

I love a good magic trick – a mind-boggling spectacle that leaves you screaming like a petulant child on the inside while you try to articulate your amazement with a stuttering WTF.

Of course, most magic tricks are just a misdirection – Jiggery-pokery happening in one place while you’re focusing somewhere else.

The thing is, you know what you are getting with a magic trick. You pay attention because you know what the pay-off will be. It’s entertainment.

Misdirection in communications and marketing, although rife, what’s the pay-off there?

Produced by lazy people with nothing original to say, it misdirects, misleads, and wastes time.

If I’m looking for a plumber in Basingstoke, I don’t want an advert on Google from a company 30 miles away.

I don’t want to see glory-hunting posts on social media of the latest news fad, with vague references and illegally-used copyright photography (belonging to a professional trying to make a living). Go Lionesses!

The tools we have available to create stuff are awesome. And they’re not expensive. We have reference points and inspiration at our fingertips and should be more creative than ever.

Promotion isn’t about hanging on coat-tails, copying and pasting other people’s creative work to score brownie points. It’s also not about creating one-size-fits-all sales pitches because it’s easier.

Promotion is about aligned connection.

You’re not looking for thousands of interactions; you’re looking for ten good ones. Maybe even less.

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