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There’s Always An Agenda


There’s Always An Agenda

10 January, 2022

As intelligent humans, we kid ourselves about our own autonomy and levels of altruism.

  • We give to charity because it makes us feel good (even better when we talk about it and people congratulate us).
  • We buy Apple Earpods because we want the world to know we have them (and Apple did a great job making them white, allowing us to do that).
  • At work, we use certain suppliers, not for the good of the business, but because they make us look good in our careers.
  • On the web, we rush to share photos, stories or insight (this post included) that make us look clever, or funny, or beautiful.

We have an agenda.

As such, landscapes change. Now, you’re just as likely to see someone sharing a personal story or photo on LinkedIn as a work-related post. It’s not wrong; it’s just an evolution as people try to work out what really benefits them and why they do what they do. We shouldn’t deride them or their agendas – unless that’s part of our own agenda. We should embrace it and learn to delve a little deeper into fulfilling our own agenda.

I’ve recently worked on two marketing projects where the client’s proposition does not necessarily align with the people they want to reach. When you strip back the layers, one makes a specific professional look good to their clients; the other helps resellers make more money if they upsell a managed service.

Both have a cherry to put on top and dress them up, but as soon as you’re honest about the proposition that lies beneath your current sales offering – tapping into an audience’s real agenda – you’ll probably find your product is much more relatable for the value it offers.

Yes, we have agendas, but so does our audience. It’s just a case of slotting them together.

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