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Can I Have A Word About Your Email?


Can I Have A Word About Your Email?

21 September, 2023

I get a lot of emails each week. Some are general interactions, some are from mailing lists I (may) have subscribed to, and some are spam.

I’ve noticed recently that some of the spammier emails look like follow-ups, with copies of previously sent emails below, often becoming more and more aggressive for me not responding. I have followed a few back, and they are from genuine people working for genuine companies (if their websites and LinkedIn profiles are to be believed).

When did marketers – and I use the term loosely – start thinking that no response leaves a door open? Do they honestly believe this approach endears them to me, that I may change my mind if they keep asking the same question over and over?

Email is still a powerful tool, even as part of a marketing strategy. Not spam, not “mail blasts”; but great content that offers genuine value to the reader, preferably asking nothing in return. From a CRM, a mailing list or as an individual interaction: Soft skills matter, as do words and the way we use them to bring a message alive.

AI may be scarily clever, but nuance defines us all.

My point, if there is one, is this. Always remember what it’s like to receive an email before you send one.

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