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Change, Decay & Rebirth


Change, Decay & Rebirth

30 August, 2023

Change is the only constant. I probably bore people around me with that saying. Although it took me a long time to accept it in my twenties, age shows you that change is simply part of life.

Then, recently, I attended a workshop where I heard the phrase, “Everything decays over time.” The speaker (Dave Gammon) was talking about systems and processes, and, as negative as some people may suggest this pronouncement is, it’s pragmatic.

I like it.

Not what you perhaps want to hear but what you need to hear and probably already know.

But decay is good. It feeds new life. It gives us a platform to build from, including new ideas and processes. Technology and AI may rock the boat, but opinions and ideas still matter.

So, what marketing process is your run-of-the-mill? What are you doing simply because you think you should?

Why not allow them to rot?

Because change – is the only constant.

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