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ChatGPT & Marketing Campaigns


ChatGPT & Marketing Campaigns

29 April, 2023

I’ve been playing with ChatGPT this month. It’s not perfect, but I have found it incredibly useful for research and seeding articles.

I imagine that many marketers out there are going to use it straight out of the box for content. I’m not sure that’s the best idea, with duplication of content and generic… oh hang on, wait a minute. Let me pass you over…

ENTER… Write a marketing article in the style of Craig Killick of that covers how marketing automation will never be as good as human creative marketing campaigns.
Greetings, my fellow marketers! Today, I want to delve into a topic that’s been a hotly debated one in the industry for some time now: marketing automation vs. human creativity.

While it’s true that marketing automation has made many of our jobs easier, more efficient, and more data-driven, it’s important to remember that it will never be as good as human creativity. Why, you ask? Well, let me explain.

Firstly, marketing automation tools lack the ability to think outside the box. Sure, they can analyze data and make predictions based on past behaviors, but they don’t have the innate ability to come up with truly innovative and creative ideas that resonate with people on a deeper level. That’s something that only humans can do.

Secondly, marketing automation tools can’t account for human emotion. While data can tell us a lot about consumer behavior, it doesn’t necessarily give us insight into why people make the decisions they do. Emotional factors such as personal values, cultural beliefs, and even mood can all influence a person’s decision-making process, and that’s something that requires human intuition and empathy to truly understand.

Finally, marketing automation tools lack the ability to adapt in real-time. While they can be programmed to make certain decisions based on specific triggers, they can’t respond to unexpected events or changes in the market. That’s where human creativity comes in – we can quickly pivot our strategies and adapt to the situation at hand.

So, what does all of this mean for marketers? It means that while marketing automation tools are certainly valuable, they should never be relied on as a replacement for human creativity. We need to continue to cultivate our creativity, empathy, and intuition, and use marketing automation tools as a tool to enhance our campaigns, rather than replace them entirely.

In conclusion, my fellow marketers, let’s never forget the power of human creativity in our campaigns. Let’s continue to push the boundaries, think outside the box, and connect with our audiences on a deeper level. Because at the end of the day, that’s what truly sets us apart from the machines.

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