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9 June, 2023

It’s Friday morning. Well, it’s Tuesday as I write this. Yep, a scheduled post because I am away. Just another marketing illusion.

They say, that in comedy,



With marketing, timing also helps. But with the mixed-up working week that many of us now abide by, is there ever a good time to put out your message?

I’ve read loads on this – the best days of the week and times to send messages – and I’ve come to the conclusion that there really is only one rule worth following. Consistency.

People don’t sit waiting for you to press send with your latest wisdom – let alone a self-indulgent sales message. But, if you create consistency with when you send, it becomes more expected. One of my clients – Gill Steel – does this exceptionally well every week, and that’s kinda the plan with this weekly post.

It doesn’t need to be daily, or weekly. It just needs to be consistent, expected and, of course, offer value for the reader.

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