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Customer Relationships


Customer Relationships

13 February, 2023

I’ve just cancelled my roadside assistance policy. I’ve never actually used it and the renewal just came through with a near-on 30% increase.

Of course, I’m not able to cancel online with all the other services; I have to call.

I get the obligatory “calls may be recorded” message and a choice of numbers. Then another, and then another, and then a message… “We are exceptionally busy and may take over five minutes to answer your call”.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to feel like a customer.

I get that prices go up. I get that the cost of servicing customers is expensive (although possibly cheaper than ever). What I can’t get my head around is how companies claim this is customer service.

Perhaps the money goes on ad budgets getting people in the front door – all attain and no retain.

I’m sure some people, much cleverer than I, have worked the numbers and the damage limitation to the brand, but as an SME, if you treat your customers with the same disdain, they’ll vote with their feet faster than you can say “press one for customer service”.

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