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Data, Trust and Relationships


Data, Trust and Relationships

18 January, 2023

One thing I ‘love’ is when an organisation runs an event and I am forced to sign up to a third-party website – such as Event Brite – to attend.

It may be easy for the organiser, but that’s not the point.

In a world of GDPR, privacy, scams and spam, I’d much rather be reducing my digital footprint. Creating online events on your own platform may take a little effort (more manageable than ever – all you really need is a form), but it keeps the loop closed and builds more direct trust.

This is why more of us will no doubt use tools like Apple’s Hide My Email

Marketing relationships need to be direct, not through a third party that manages data.

Ownership, trust, respectful usage, security: Relationship.

Rant over.

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