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Design v Users


Design v Users

9 October, 2023

I had to collect my mother from a hospital appointment last week. As I parked up and walked around to the unit she was in, this classic demonstration of user power slapped me in the face.

By no means a new thought by me or anyone; it clearly shows the measures people will take to do things their way if it makes it quicker or easier to do so.

You could argue that cutting the corner on this footpath probably saves no more than five seconds, but there you have it.

So, next time you design a process with intent and a belief that you know what will happen next, prepare to be proved wrong.

For example, objective user testing on a web interface design may bruise a designer’s or Manager’s ego, but it could transform your enquiries.

So, be prepared to be flexible, listen to the masses, and keep your eyes on the prize.

Design paths and use paths

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