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How Many Steps Can You Take Out?


How Many Steps Can You Take Out?

26 April, 2023

I pay for Amazon Prime and Netflix, and I pay my BBC Licence Fee. So, why, when I go to watch a TV show, do I have a trailer pushed in my face?

I visit a website and a pop-up comes up asking me to sign up now for a discount I don’t want.

Back in the day, companies put whitepapers and case studies behind sign-up forms to collect data. It doesn’t work. It’s also one of the reasons why so many people connect with your business on social media. That way, they can quickly press the stop button.

Every step that gets in the way of a user… gets in the way of the user experience.

This unlocks the front door to the house of reality: If you aren’t getting what you’d hoped for, it’s not because of users, systems or changing habits. It’s you.

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