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International Day Of Being Original


International Day Of Being Original

12 April, 2023

As a marketing person, coming up with a good idea – including purpose and process – is where the good stuff happens. I learned a long time ago to keep asking the annoying “Why?” question when I speak with clients, even sticking to my guns when eyes start rolling. As such, my skin got thicker, and [I like to think] I’ve built a reputation as a no-nonsense marketing consultant.

It helps as I ‘try’ to come up with ideas that are a little different, a little more noticeable, and a little more effective: Ideas that help shape some sort of marketing narrative for my small bunch of clients.

But last week it was my birthday. I celebrated with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, as it was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. I felt a bit guilty, but knowing it was Stress Awareness Month, I decided to embrace both Move More Month and Active For April and go for a walk. Rather than be alone, I borrowed my friend’s dog, what with it being National Pet Month. That walk got me thinking…


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