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Luck, Circumstance & Being In the Game


Luck, Circumstance & Being In the Game

26 July, 2023

I sat in awe on Monday night, watching the Snowball episode of BBC’s Earth with Chris Packham. I knew some stuff about evolution but never realised the complex circumstances that developed life on Earth..


And now look at us. Humans. We try to control so much when, in fact, we are specs of dust on specs of dust on specs of dust.


But, when we scale back to our own lives, especially in the realms of work, we are very lackadaisical about attributing luck to anything. People would rather believe the world was made in seven days than suggest that it wasn’t their own innate skill and belief that made them succeed.


The number of clients I have because of luck and circumstance! Yes, you have to bring it home, but sometimes, getting in the room in the first place is the hardest part. It’s why I often use the word Serendipity in conversation with clients.


In the same way that you won’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t create new connections (business or personal) if you don’t put yourself in a situation where that could happen.


Showing up, time and again, creates that opportunity; and, evolution. 

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