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14 May, 2023

It’s a running joke with a few people I know that when we’re out doing joint events, and someone is just about to take a photo or video on their phone, my dulcet tones will flow from out of nowhere shouting… “Landscape!”

There is a method behind my fastidious rumblings, though, because a few hours later, the very same set of images will probably be sent to me for social media or video inclusion and will crop terribly.

Right For The Audience, Not Easy For Me

As some platforms do use portrait content, and phones tend to be held upright, I get why people take photos this way. But, for a business looking to come across as professional, it’s important to get various formats of the same image, ad or message depending on the audience and the platform you will be using.

I’ve started seeing advert posts appear on LinkedIn over the past year, obviously created from Tik Tok or some consumer-related creation platform like Canva. Although production values don’t need to be top-notch, the idea and the execution surely do. And, for reference, there are plenty of sites that advise on social media platform sizes.

Besides where you’re at – is it where you should be at?

  • Do I need to see another law firm on Instagram selling me stuff?
  • Do I need to see another post on LinkedIn that starts, “Maybe not for this platform, but…”?

Not all messages are equal.

Not all platforms are used for the same purpose.

You do not need to be on every platform, especially with precisely the same message. There is no value in that.

Sometimes… less is more.

All the time… better for the audience is best.

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