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A Measured Approach to Measuring


A Measured Approach to Measuring

22 June, 2023

When the web came along, marketers finally had a way of measuring stuff. We all jumped on board Google Analytics and beavered away to understand what we were doing and how to improve.

But that understanding, in itself, became a problem. Partly because teams would fight over the definition of a valuable measurement and partly because the web evolved with mobile and app technology.

And then there’s us. We made assumptions based on our individual attitudes – and usually on data portions rather than big-picture thinking.

But there is good news. First, laws that protect user privacy and tech companies that help users cloak who they are mean you have even less to work with. Secondly, Google killed off a helpful version of Analytics for small businesses, making it more challenging to get make sense of the data – try Matomo

Yes, that is good news. We can now just focus on creative ideas that deliver fewer KPIs and on people rather than systems.

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