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Personal Brand Consistency


Personal Brand Consistency

12 July, 2023

A brand consists of many things that come together as a whole – more about attitude than visuals. And, although visuals can drive the ideal, they can’t paper over cracks when it comes to an inconsistent experience, something crucial for a personal brand (whether you like it or not).

One example that stands out (for me) is caring more about the need to talk about moments rather than actually live and breathe them. You see this at large events now, with a sea of camera phones and people experiencing things via the device in their hand, even though a collective experience is happening right in front of them.

It’s the same at business events, too – the odd person more interested in talking into the social ether about their experience than the experience itself.

Human interaction is the lifeblood of small business. Friends are made, laughs are had, and strong personal brands are forged – but only if you are in the moment.

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