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Rewind Marketing = Click 71


Rewind Marketing = Click 71

24 July, 2023

For those of you who have known of us (me) for some time (pre Nov ‘16), you may remember the name Click 71. It’s actually the official name of the limited company.

Back then, I wanted to get more into marketing project work, so became more specific with the company name, starting to trade as REWIND MARKETING.

It worked, but not for that reason. Most of that work came through word-of-mouth, and continues to do so. I am lucky and have some quality clients who want (and use) the advice that comes with a consultancy offering. 

But I’d like to pivot once again to drive more web projects in off-the-bat.

Rebranding can be daunting and expensive, especially a name change. Luckily, being a micro-business, there is much less pressure. Obviously, this won’t really affect my clients as they deal with ‘Craig’. They’re still going to get me whether they like it or not.

But, this brand change will enable me to push the business harder on the web front using my trusted network for the deliverables – quality web solutions that offer value and ROI for marketing and lead generation.

And boy, does it look sexy on a Chilly’s Bottle. One of my clients sure thinks so…

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