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Taking Yourself For Granted


Taking Yourself For Granted

10 February, 2023

When you do something day-in-day over a long period of time, you tend to get quite good at it. When a question comes up within the field of what you do, there’s probably a good chance you’ll know the answer.

Does that mean people should get it for free?

I’ve sat in many an initial meeting where the person made copious notes and then decided not to work with me. Hey, presto, some of the ideas turn up in their marketing.

Yesterday I listened to some financial guys discussing a specific situation in transferring pensions where the work is complicated, and the insurance to offer the suggestion is high. Sometimes, the final answer is “do nothing”. There’s still a fee for the work and some people don’t like that, even if it just saved them from a big mistake.

Value is subjective. Speak to a lawyer and they’ll tell you why you’d be a fool not to use one in certain circumstances. The same with a marketer, designer, accountant… the list is endless.

Yes, you can go off and do some stuff yourself to ‘save money’, but do you really? In a world where you can ‘become an expert in five easy steps’, we have become fooled into thinking it’s true.

Consultancy delivers knowledge about the things to do and, just as importantly, the things not to do. That’s where the value is.

Assuming you are good at what you do, it’s something worth remembering: With what you charge and who you work with.

Other people may, but never take yourself for granted.

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