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Customer Service

7 March, 2024

In January, I signed up with Three to get a 5G router for my office. On the sales call, an attentive chap up-sold me a second router. I was reassured it would be easy to cancel and send it back within 30 days if it didn’t work for the purpose I had in mind. It didn’t.

I am now on attempt number six to return it, six weeks in, and sure that the next thing I hear will be that the return date has passed.

Getting customers is one thing. But while many businesses extol the virtues of customer service, the actual service on offer sometimes suggests that keeping them is not so important. It’s strange, considering how often you’ll hear about the cost of customer acquisition.

Marketing is lovely when it’s supported by a robust customer service offering. It offers value. It sells aspiration. But perhaps the short memory spans we are evolving through lack of focus mean that some companies think negative experiences will be easily forgotten.

Customer service is one of the controllables. It’s part of a brand experience for people already invested, so why would you not prioritise it?

The problem is that you end up with a skewed word-of-mouth message. For instance, if you asked me what my Three 5G router is like, the chances are my [clean] response would be.

“It’s a brilliant solution and excellent value. But Three! They are shockingly awful!”

And, with the state of so many bigger businesses, the sad reality is the response I’d get back would probably be…

“Yeh, but aren’t they all!”


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