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Developing Deeper Connections


Developing Deeper Connections

19 January, 2024

How many LinkedIn connections do you have? What about Twitter followers or Facebook friends? How big is your email database?

Now, how many people do you actually know in your world of work? Do you know their partner’s name, their favourite team, if they have children, why they do the job they do and if they enjoy it, and what they want to achieve?

Business relationships are about people – a connection where those more personal conversations take place for most of us in the world of SMEs – where a person becomes so much more than simply an email address. In fact, apart from giving you the ability to communicate, it’s probably the single most boring thing about them.

So, if you fixate on collecting more and more data, simply to stuff in your database like a Christmas decoration that you look at for three weeks of the year, perhaps it might be good to start again. Because if you focus on the numbers and the scale, you’ll never actually build a meaningful relationship.

Data collection and CRM are powerful, low-cost, and easy to manage. Focusing on the reason why you are doing it and sticking to it seems to be much harder.

That’s why less is more, sales funnels are essential, and why strategy counts – understanding who’s at what stage, what to talk to them about, and who is wasting your time and needs to go.

LinkedIn and email can be the start of it, but you must continually filter, cull and segment. Because you’re kidding yourself if you think everyone is of equal value in your world.

The more time you make for everyone, the less time you have for the people who matter most – your best customers and most promising prospects.

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