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6 June, 2024

It’s easy to get distracted. Shiny new things promoted on social media channels designed to get you hooked, people glorifying in acronyms like FOMO. Sometimes, it’s worth just switching off the noise and focusing on the people who matter. Whether that’s at home or in your career, some relationships are simply much more important than others.

You can still embrace sharing your message, but you don’t need to talk about everything, or share a photo – that strips away a layer of authenticity. Being present, with those who enrich your life, is where your energy comes from. Maximise it, and maximise the effect you have on those people. Call it marketing. Call it sales. We all love to feel special.

At home, we can talk in terms of love. In business, it’s probably where your income or career advancement will come from. 

Spreading yourself too thin, and focusing on the Emporer’s New Clothes, well that may well just leave you in the “all together”.

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