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Ego Vs Results


Ego Vs Results

23 May, 2024

After a month off, having an adventure on a bike, I am back. During my cycle ride to Spain, I kept people up-to-date with my progress by posting videos to Facebook and Instragram, on top of email updates, Blogs, and the odd post to LinkedIn.

My ego was pushing me to trial features of Instagram with the hope that it would take off, and it became a big part of each night. Too much, in fact. But I didn’t have the heart (or the talent) to put in the effort to grow it. 

I got great feedback from my small group of followers and comments and likes on social media that they loved what I was doing, but I’m not an influencer, I was just using it to retain engagement. The goal was to push the fundraising.

So with regular likes and comments, it’s very tempting to say to some people, “That’s all well and good, chum, but you haven’t actually sponsored me yet.”

But that’s rude. So I didn’t.

Despite being explicit and asking for a specific response, and even when the commerciality is based around a good cause, it’s not easy to force the conversation, no matter how in-your-face you become. People are bombarded, and you are an extra (at best) in the movie that is their day. 

Removing ego, for ego’s sake, is a large part of that conundrum to deliver your outcomes. But, it’s easier said than done.

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