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Embracing Your Authentic Voice


Embracing Your Authentic Voice

25 January, 2024

How interesting are any of us, really? With over 67.3 million people in the UK, can we believe we all matter and have something interesting to say?

The social media sales pitch was all about ‘connecting people’. It created an environment where we feel more comfortable sharing our lives with strangers and, for some, more comfortable personally attacking those very same strangers.

LinkedIn is one of the safer social spaces because there needs to be an element of decorum. This may be why people have started posting more personal updates to the traditionally business-focused platform, adding extra layers of grey to its purpose for people looking to network and create business connections.

Whether you like these more personal posts or not, there are few rules for social media; we have to accept that people will use it how they want to.

But, there is one humungous takeaway to bear in mind, whatever you end up posting.

You will be judged.

If you mostly post ‘fun’, frivolous, or personal posts, can you expect to be taken seriously when you need it?

If you act as the most social person in the room online, but your persona doesn’t match in real life, can you expect people to trust you when they meet you?

If all your posts try to sell something, can you expect people to keep following your ‘adverts’ without feeling there is an explicit agenda?

Some people turn to automation or LinkedIn Masterclasses and start pumping out uninspiring words of wisdom. It stands out like a sore thumb and wil only get worse with AI.

If you have a personality, any personality, don’t fight it. Climb on board like Francis Bourgeois and develop it.

Because, whether you agree with it or not, authenticity ultimately cuts through to a audience, even for people like Donald Trump.

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