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Focusing On Better Quality Data


Focusing On Better Quality Data

8 February, 2024

A couple of weeks ago, I bumped into a friend who owns a professional services business. We said our hellos, and then he immediately asked, “Craig, while I’ve got you, what the hell is going on with Google Analytics?”.

If you have ever entered the addictive world of web stats, you’ll know that 2023 was a big year for analytics, especially Google, ‘sunsetting’ UA for Analytics 4. Personally, I think it’s just the latest step towards Google wanting you to do things for the benefit of Google, focusing on large advertisers. If you’ve ever tinkered with Adwords, you’ll already know how good they are at suggesting where your money should be spent – good for them more than good for you, it has to be said.

But this is not the only issue. The phasing out of third-party cookies has created even more confusion about understanding what your web users do. You may know that ‘something’ is working, but not exactly what. You probably get more ‘Direct’ traffic than ever.

Yes, we all want to reach lots of new people, but tech companies are getting in the way. They got you hooked, and now it’s time to monetise. And that includes social platforms.

I listened to a good podcast last week from Target Internet. In a survey they ran with 500 companies, 70% said they had not installed Analytics 4 or admitted that it wasn’t running correctly.

So, what do you do if you can’t seemingly manage the measurement with sufficient control? Well, it boils down to these three focus points that sit way above metrics alone.

  1. Cherish what you already have
  2. Work on your own quality database or CRM
  3. Get creative and be worthy of someone taking interest

Don’t discard digital and social media, but remember that they are simply marketing channels, not platforms where the connection stops.

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