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Just Get Started


Just Get Started

29 February, 2024

If you’re waiting for something to be perfect before you move on, the chances are you’re gonna wait a long time, if not forever. Sometimes, not every time, you simply just need to start half-baked and evolve off the feedback.

I’ve seen essential projects stall while marketers, designers and stakeholders sit in a room and guess how people will use a website before it’s even built (only for reality to eventually kick in on Go Live). Meanwhile, others steal a march, and you’re playing catch up.

When it comes to LinkedIn, I often get told during marketing chats, “I want to post; I just don’t know what to write or if it will be good enough”.

Well, the answer to that is to just do it. But only if you want to, not because you think you have to.

Even if it’s on a separate Blog, write anything and commit to doing it regularly. Hone your voice. You’ll get feedback on your LinkedIn posts. Use it. Even if the feedback you get is nothing. It means you need to tweak your approach.

And remember – this is very important – you aren’t writing for everyone. You are trying to engage with a specific set of people.

Over time, you’ll find your voice, discover some techniques that work better than others, and before you know it, you’ll be posting relevant content and engaging with the right people every week. 

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