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Just One Post

4 April, 2024

Pervasive advertising works when it clearly demonstrates end-user benefits. If you want to cut through, you must show someone why they need what you want them to buy.

Social media evolved broadcasting to give us all a voice, turning us into marketers and salespeople each time we post. You could convince yourself you are just sharing stuff with your network, but I’d have to stop and ask the question; Why? There’s usually an underlying purpose before you press send, especially in a commercial environment.

Meanwhile, some of the best salespeople I know rarely post on LinkedIn. They don’t need to, they are too busy having direct conversations. Let’s return to that question: Why?

The stuff you post has the power to affect others, the narrative they have of themselves, and how it could be improved – something you can 100% leverage for your commercial ambitions if you have patience and passion.

And, in the days of adverts, something was at stake – you had to pay, and you had to pay big. There was jeopardy – you had to make it count.

Now, people expect free and want to post at will.

But if you had just one post per month and it had to really count… What would you do differently?

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