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Playing To Selfish


Playing To Selfish

22 March, 2024

Are you sitting comfortably? I am going to read your mind. It might make you defensive, and that’s fine. It’s not personal.

You, my friend, are a selfish person.

You’ve built sophisticated stories to mask it, especially at work, such as “Sorry, I’m just so busy!”, “It doesn’t work!” and “Are you sure you sent me that information?”. The list is endless, and that’s just at the office! You’ve gotten so good at it that you even believe some of these stories to be true.

Don’t take it personally; we’re all selfish, me included. It’s just part of who we are. A better phrase, perhaps, is self-centred.

It’s self-centred of me to expect you to have read this far. And, if you haven’t, because “you don’t have time”, I’ll let you get back to scrolling through your feed because “you are busy”.

Self-centred Marketing

When you play with marketing (and let’s just accept for a moment that everyone is indeed self-centred), you must consider this a crucial part of your approach to connecting with people.

People are not fixed things. We are a humungous collection of different behaviours that have been nurtured over a lifetime. These change and develop around our ego. We are self-centred for a purpose.

If you try to fight the very nature of nuance by pushing too hard for your own ends, people will respond by walking away. But, if you can adapt to the situation, use language that may not be yours, and offer the right experience in a relevant way and at a relevant time, people might selfishly take notice.

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