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The Ride Of Your (Work) Life


The Ride Of Your (Work) Life

12 April, 2024

At this exact time next week, I imagine I will be a little bit tired. Lack of sleep in anticipation of my ride to Benidorm, the wait will finally be over. After months and months of planning, I will be gearing up with only England, France, and Spain—and the small matter of 1,700km—between me and my destination.

For obvious reasons, my Weekend Wonders will take a break, but before I go, here are some cycling analogies relating to business strategy and delivery that I have been pondering during my recent rides.

Destination – Although it’s good to have a destination and a plan, the only way to move towards it is pedal stroke by pedal stroke. Don’t get so wrapped up in the destination you don’t focus on the journey itself.

Education – It’s like riding a bike, the saying goes. However, having a better understanding of mechanics, using gears, and sitting position transform performance and efficiency. Never stop learning about the mechanics.

Degrees Of Separation – Depending on your reason for riding in the first place, there are always things to improve on away from the bike itself. Diet, stretching, and navigation are all supplementary things that enhance the core activity.

All The Gear – The investment in a fantastic bike only gets you so far. Equipment and systems evolve and become outdated, but it’s the constant hard yards that deliver results. It can be very boring and very lonely, but there is no substitute or short cut.

Look Up & Enjoy It – The journey is the destination and you could miss if you don’t lift yourself out of the churn from time to time to appreciate what you’ve got and where you are.

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