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Helping small businesses thrive since 2009

Our story starts well beyond that.

Craig Killick, who runs the business, started working in DTP in 1989. By 1997 he’d set up a design agency with a friend.  Having discovered the internet a year earlier, he was keen to integrate a technological approach to marketing at a pioneering time in the world of design and marketing.

SEO beckoned in 2001, which led to a wider scope into online advertising, email, data management, social media – and digital marketing in general.

By 2008, he’d written a book about SEO but realised that agency life wasn’t for him, preferring a consultative approach based on working with people interested in tangible KPIs, rather than subjective ways to spend a budget.

Click 71 was born in 2009.

Marketing results matter.

They have to be worthy and strategic and deliver for the bottom line, or for a specific business intention.​


These are the cornerstones of our approach to the projects we work on and the relationships we build.


We’re a people business, and a good fit is essential. We’re not for everyone and that’s okay. But, we’ll support anyone, pointing them in the right direction and building a brand connecting to the local business ecosystem.

Straight Talking

We only work on projects we feel we can make a difference to. We also don’t beat around the bush and tell it how it is. Some of you will be pleased to know we don’t talk like marketers. It saves time, money and frustration.

Knowledge Seekers

We don’t (and won’t) deliver projects without delving into your business somewhat. Sales processes, pipelines and profit margins are key pieces of the puzzle and we’re just as comfortable chatting to your FD as your sales director.


Sustainability is about balance; taking a measurable approach that offers harmony. We create lean, clever marketing campaigns that focus on delivering practical results that are good for everyone for the long-term.

Action Speaks Louder

The best way to prove a point is to take action and succeed or fail. There are tried and tested marketing techniques for different B2B organisations for quick wins and longer-term strategy. The longer we wait, the further we fall behind.


Your money is our money, and our success is your success. We’re in this together and for as long as the relationship offers value for both sides. No tie-ins, just a traditional business relationship that helps both of us thrive.

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