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From Craig Killick

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Mission Statement(s) Clarity

If your brand pitch falls short and you find people get confused about who you are; do some digging, talk to your stakeholders and better define your special-ness.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Basic Passion Over Risk Of Failure

When you pare it back, marketing is about sharing YOUR passion for what YOU do in YOUR way, even if you get it wrong a few times before you get it right.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Knowing Me, Knowing You.

Personalisation goes a long way. And even if you have a memory for names like mine, technology is there to help.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Human Intelligence (HI)

AI is good; it can do some of the heavy lifting. But HI? Human intelligence carries so much more weight. Let’s never forget that.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Why does someone pay you?

What problem did you solve, and why are you any different from the next person? Can you define why someone pays you?

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Advertising Overload

Good advertising can be amazing. But 99% isn’t. If you can inject quality, relevance and a splash of humour), you may just be in with a shot of standing out.

Design paths and use paths

Design v Users

Objective user testing on a design or process may bruise a designer’s or Manager’s ego, but it could transform your success.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Social Media Marketing Focus

We must offer focus with an understanding that we can only control what we put out, not what happens next. Here are my thoughts on social media marketing.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Can I Have A Word About Your Email?

Email is still a powerful tool, even as part of a marketing strategy. So, why not stop before you press send to make sure it’ll hit the mark as well as it can?

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Repeat Yourself… With Passion

Do you ever get the impression you are repeating yourself with your pitch? Remember, you can (and should) repeat yourself. Just make sure you add in a little passion.

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Change, Decay & Rebirth

Decay is good. It feeds new life. It gives us a platform to build from, including new ideas and processes. AI may rock the boat, but opinions and ideas still matter.

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