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Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Just Get Started

If you’re waiting for something to be perfect, you’re gonna wait a long time. Sometimes, you just need to start half-baked and evolve off the feedback.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Reflecting On Sales & Marketing

Pivoting your sales and marketing proposition to reflect what your customers actually want will help to drive engagement and maximise sales opportunities.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings


Far too many companies try to go after the next deal, even if the fit is wrong. It’s basically catfishing. The irony is there are plenty of the right fit people out there if you focus.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Focusing On Better Quality Data

If you can’t seemingly manage the measurement of your efforts with sufficient control, it’s time to focus on what really matters – direct relationships.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Embracing Your Authentic Voice

If you have a personality, any personality, don’t fight it. Make sure it’s authentic and focuses on the audience you want to reach.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Developing Deeper Connections

The more time you make for everyone, the less time you have for the people who matter most – your best customers and most promising prospects.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Recruitment Marketing

Marketing, recruitment, and many other business operations have become homogenised. It doesn’t need to be that way. Marketing and brand should be fun!

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Personalised Sales

With data at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to create a personalised sales pitch. So, why not go play?

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Brand New Year

Make 2024 the year you stop chasing rainbows with a short-term marketing approach, by stepping back and working out ‘who’ your business is in the first place.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings


If you take the approach that ‘a job is not a job until the bill’s been paid’, you will absolutely find weak links in your chain. And, perhaps if you oil them, you’ll soon notice the combined effects and improvements.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings


It’s not true that if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. What do you need to do differently now before you’re left on the shelf?

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