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Face To Face

When ti comes to networking, you simply can not beat chatting face to face with, dare I say it, a little bit of alcohol thrown in to loosen everyone up a bit.

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Being present, with those who enrich your life, is where your energy comes from. We all love to feel special, whether at home or at work.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Start Talking

When it comes to marketing, you 100% have something worthy to say. Yes, you! It’s not prescriptive or complicated. You just need two simple ideas to start.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Ego Vs Results

Removing ego from your marketing, is a large part of the conundrum to deliver outcomes. But, it’s easier said than done.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

The Ride Of Your (Work) Life

As I head off on a three-week solo ride, here are some cycling analogies around business strategy and delivery that I have been pondering during my recent treks.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Just One Post

In the days of adverts, something was at stake – you had to pay. So, if you had just one post per month, and it had to really count, what would you do differently?

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Playing To Selfish

If you can adapt, use language that may not be yours, and offer the right experience in a relevant way, at a relevant time, people might selfishly take notice.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Marketing Discipline

Like most business processes, marketing needs discipline: Discipline of brand, discipline of data, discipline of messaging. Not to forget… timing.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the controllables. It’s part of a brand experience for people already invested, so why would you not prioritise it?

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Just Get Started

If you’re waiting for something to be perfect, you’re gonna wait a long time. Sometimes, you just need to start half-baked and evolve off the feedback.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings

Reflecting On Sales & Marketing

Pivoting your sales and marketing proposition to reflect what your customers actually want will help to drive engagement and maximise sales opportunities.

Craig's Marketing Ponderings


Far too many companies try to go after the next deal, even if the fit is wrong. It’s basically catfishing. The irony is there are plenty of the right fit people out there if you focus.

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