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Your Story Needs A Little Disney

Disney is a master storyteller. Although many of their hits are other people’s stories, they have the formula down to a tee: heroes and villains,

The Incongruity Beacon

People – your customers – need a consistent narrative that matches their experience otherwise the words become empty and can start to work against you.

Rewind Marketing = Click 71

We’ve taken the decision to rebrand Rewind Marketing back to Click 71 to create a clearer route to marketing for some of our web services.

Positioning and Trust

SME branding should not about cost. Strong positioning and relationships are essential. Trust is worth a premium if you want to move forward.

Personal Brand Consistency

A brand consists of many things – more attitude than visuals. And, although visuals drive an ideal, they can’t paper over the cracks of inconsistent experience.

Just Say No

The problem with trying hard to please everyone is that you’re often so busy trying to keep everyone happy you tend to ignore the people who matter.

Customer Relationships

I get that prices go up, and the cost of servicing customers is expensive (although possibly cheaper than ever). But I can’t get my head around large companies’ customer service.

Controlling The Message

We think we have control. We want to have control, especially when we send a message, an instruction or some marketing communications.

Not Crap Enough

If you aren’t quite crap enough, imagine you are anyway and do something about it.

Collective Anticipation

By defining, honing and working a clear brand position, you create consistency and differentiation. You create a story people can engage with. If you are worthy, you can even develop a fan base of loyal followers with shared interests.

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