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Can I Have A Word About Your Email?

Email is still a powerful tool, even as part of a marketing strategy. So, why not stop before you press send to make sure it’ll hit the mark as well as it can?

Repeat Yourself… With Passion

Do you ever get the impression you are repeating yourself with your pitch? Remember, you can (and should) repeat yourself. Just make sure you add in a little passion.

The Incongruity Beacon

People – your customers – need a consistent narrative that matches their experience otherwise the words become empty and can start to work against you.

Selling Backwards

As buyers change their habits of research, lots of digital measurements are becoming random and a distraction away from customer experience.

Rewind Marketing = Click 71

We’ve taken the decision to rebrand Rewind Marketing back to Click 71 to create a clearer route to marketing for some of our web services.

Lead Generation Penetration

Thanks to the volume of noise around, lead generation is harder than ever. People have a vast choice; they also have a low threshold for attention. So how?


When’s the last time you didn’t assume when it comes to a client relationship*? When did you last ask if needs had changed? You may be surprised by the answer.

Funnel Focus

When you offer maximum value to a core group of clients, you get maximum value back – financial and goodwill (80/20 rule in full effect).

Ain’t Got Time To Read Your Tome, Craig

Do you post something to social media or send an email campaign and then check to see the accolades of a job well-done pile up with an influx of views, likes and clicks?

Controlling The Message

We think we have control. We want to have control, especially when we send a message, an instruction or some marketing communications.

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