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Social Media Marketing Focus

We must offer focus with an understanding that we can only control what we put out, not what happens next. Here are my thoughts on social media marketing.

Vanity vs Sanity

Content marketing should not be a chore. It should not be prescriptive. But it should be worthwhile and should have a focused passion.

Ain’t Got Time To Read Your Tome, Craig

Do you post something to social media or send an email campaign and then check to see the accolades of a job well-done pile up with an influx of views, likes and clicks?

What Are You Chasing?

Mass production of content creates more noise for audiences. So, not only do you need luck, but not every good idea you have will make it in a sea of mediocrity.

Content Silence Is King*

Next time you’re poised to post, blog or share; stop. Stop and think about the purpose. Why are you publishing it?

The Art Of Asking

If you don’t put in the effort in the way you ask, why should anyone bother responding? Whether you’re a business, charity or non-profit – make people care.

Boring Marketing

Maybe I’ve been working in the beauty industry too long, but I’m finding B2B increasingly boring. Boring people talking about boring things in a boring way.

Noise is Not Marketing

Get on Twitter and tweet. Re-tweet. Like. Comment. Then go on LinkedIn… Rinse and repeat. Got to keep the marketing machine going right!

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